Elopement Essentials: Have You Ever Thought About Eloping?

I’m guessing if you’ve reading this article, you’re someone who’s looking for an untraditional experience. Maybe you’re someone who isn’t afraid of a little adventure and getting dirt on your dress. Maybe you would even consider yourself a free spirit. You as a couple would prefer a unique experience that values and celebrates YOU rather than doing what tradition says we should do. 

“Not everyone in your life is meant to have a say over your life.”

Did You Know…

Millennials now make up 80% of the wedding market. We’re getting married far later in life, prioritizing our careers, and even traveling far more. And let’s not forget that we desire to make sure that ethically produced details at our weddings are prioritized as well. Not to mention with the size of our debt—who could keep up with a wedding of 200+ guests since our parents will no longer be paying much of our wedding bill (if at all).

But the reason why the wedding industry is changing, is because we’re saying no to traditions we don’t agree with. As a result, we’re creating new ones that feel right for us. We’re building our ideal day based on significant experiences—which means anything can go. 

How is an Adventure Elopement Defined? 

Adventure Elopements are a day to celebrate who you are as a couple in a place where you feel most loved and truly celebrated at an epic location (an epic location can mean anything and anywhere to you). It can just be the two of you saying your vows at Half Dome in Yosemite or it can be with your closest and most intimate friends and family on the cliffs of Ireland. But truly it’s about investing in who you are as a couple. And the best part means that you can do ANYTHING! This is not for the traditional bride. So if you’re one of those people who would rather wear hiking boots with your wedding dress instead of high heels—this is for you!

Here are three things to consider why an elopement might be for you:

1. Experience Focused

Since most weddings have underlying tension about pleasing certain family members, the great thing about elopements is that it’s mainly about you. It isn’t about all of the other things that get in the way—the day is truly dedicated to you. It’s experience focused rather than pressure focused to uphold certain traditions you don’t want. 

What does this mean? Chances are if the idea about Adventure Elopements makes your heart race—you’re an adventure seeker. You enjoy being in nature or doing an activity that is surrounded around adventure. Which leads me to the location and experience of your Elopement day. When trying to think about a location, the sky’s the limit.

Have you always had a desire to go to the Italian alps? Elope there! Are you a desert loving soul? Go to Moab in Utah or Joshua Tree in California! Love the mountains and the woods? Yosemite and the Sequoias in California would be your place! You don’t have to go to these places ahead of time in order to elope. And if you’d prefer not to hike so much on your day but still want a glamorously adventurous place for your bohemian soul—there’s always Morocco in Africa, Tulum in Mexico, Bali, or even Hawaii.  

There is no limit to what adventure means to you as a couple. Think about a place that matches who you are as a couple and be excited about this grand adventure that you both are about to take.

2. Let’s Talk About Your Vows

The vows—everyone’s favorite part. This is such an intimate moment between you and your significant other. It’s important when thinking about your vows, not only about what you’ll say, but who you want there while you’re reading your vows. If you want some of your closest family and friends there to witness a pivotal moment in your relationship—here are some questions to think about.

  • Have they been through your highs and lows in life with you? 
  • Are they the closest people in your life? 
  • Do you feel safe and fully loved around these people? 
  • Are they celebrating you instead of pressuring you? 
  • Do they make you feel alive or do you shut down around them? 
  • How do you feel around each person you want by your side? 
  • Are these friends or family members who you consider to be lifelong relationships?

It’s so, so important to think about these questions when thinking about whether or not an Adventurous Elopement is right for you. Typical Elopements range from 3-20 people, and it’s important to think about if you’re interested in Eloping. Again, this experience isn’t for the typical bride.

And it’s important if you want to include people that they are your most intimate friendships and overall relationships who will remain lifelong members in your circles. (Perhaps think about if they were in your bridal party, would you want each person there standing by your side?)

3. How to Tell People & How to Plan

If you plan on having a super private day dedicated to the both of you and don’t want the backlash, then try waiting until afterwards to tell people. Wait to get some sneaks peaks back from your photographer and organize a reception, or an intimate gathering, if you know you’re friends or other family members would have liked to be there. 

Chances are, like any wedding, there will be people who will get hurt. But it isn’t ultimately about them, it’s about you as a couple. And if the best decision was to go on an Adventure and get Eloped then hold to that. Not everyone in your life is meant to have a say over your life.

If you do still value certain relationships in your life, but you didn’t want them there for various complicated and maybe not so complicated reasons, then throw either an intimate gathering or a reception. There really is no wrong way to do this. People won’t always understand, but eventually they will be happy for you if they value your relationship.

So why not throw a dinner, gathering, or a party to celebrate with other people in your life? Again, you don’t have to do this, but it’s an option to still keep everyone happy if you want to elope but are worried about how many people might want to be there. Which brings me to how to plan for your elopement. And the answer is simple—hire an Adventurous Elopement Photographer. 

4. BONUS: How to Book Your Elopement Photographer

The great thing about Adventure Elopement Photographers, is that because it’s such a special niche, they should be helping you plan your elopement day with you. They will probably be your go to person for helping you plan a lot of your elopement day and helping you connect with other vendors (hair, makeup, florals, videographers etc). We are all here to help you dream big and help those dreams become your best day, especially as an Elopement Photographer myself. 

Here are some things to ask yourself when booking for your Elopement:

  • Do you emotionally connect with their style? 
  • Do you like their personality? Have you had a phone conversation or facetime with them?
  • Do you connect to their why?
  • Will they give you the experience you’re looking for? Before and during the Elopement?

These will all be crucial questions to think about in the booking process. And you might have other specifications that you might want to think about or ask. Make sure to get everything clarified, but most importantly to connect with your elopement photographer. 

Because this will be an important mile-stone that will mark the beginning of your marriage, you’ll want to hire someone who will connect well with your vision and make sure it far exceeds your expectations. And luckily if you’re reading this I have personal history with Elopements. 

My grandma in the 1950’s decided to elope. I love that she didn’t make it about her guest list and maybe her family drama. She made it about her and her partner. I understand that sometimes family relationships can be hard, and when you think about saying your vows with your partner, you want to feel safe and celebrated with the people around you.

All of that to say, I completely understand why you and your partner are considering an Elopement. If at the end of this, you’ve decided to say YES to an Elopement, then I’d love to connect with you. We’ll start dreaming of what feels uniquely right for you and your partner. 

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