Joshua Tree Desert Elopement // Malory + Ryan

This Joshua Tree Elopement was really special for me. There’s something truly remarkable and otherworldly about the Joshua Trees and the incredible boulders. So when Malory and Ryan decided they wanted to say their vows to each other in this magical place, I was through the roof with excitement.

What I love about elopements is that they are 100% unique to that couple. And when I picked Malory and Ryan up, I really got to know who they are and their story. Malory and Ryan’s story began at church. Who doesn’t love a great love story that starts there? The only problem was Malory was seeing someone else when they met.

But Ryan knew that if the time was right, that there’d be a way. And there was. Shortly after, Malory became single again, and Ryan knew that this was his shot. This was the moment. Apparently, Malory had her eyes on him too, and they started dating. And 8-months into their dating relationship, he got down on one knee.

They decided to say their vows at Joshua Tree because they wanted to make their marriage dedicated to each other and not for the sake of pursuing what tradition said they needed. And here starts the beginning of their Elopement day where they decided to get ready together. I love how they chose to do this, even though they wanted a first look too. They wanted to show that they took care of each other and valued that in their marriage.

I could write about the day, the experience from my perspective, how beautiful their vows were, and how seen they felt by each other. But I’ll let the images speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy this gallery, because this could be you getting eloped. Click the link below for more information on Elopement Experiences.