Honduras Part 1: Generous Coffee and Humanity & Hope

“Into the wild I go: losing my way, finding my soul.”— Unknown

This past February I had the opportunity to join the Humanity & Hope and Generous Coffee team in Honduras. You might not know who these companies are so let me explain what they do. H&H is a non-profit that seeks to bring sustainable change to underserved villages and remote parts of Honduras. Whereas, Generous Coffee is a for-profit business that was born from H&H founder Riley Fuller and Co-founder Ben Higgins to support H&H sustainably.

Generous’ primary mission is to be a leader for purpose consumer goods by creating jobs and giving fair trade opportunities to the workers in the coffee fields. They seek social justice through every bean and other products that are purchased.

I am very passionate to have gotten the opportunity to be a photojournalist for this Generous adventure. Honduras was exactly how I pictured it— all tropical palm trees with the lavishly warm air, inviting communities of individuals who shared their prayers and dreams. This is part 1 of my journey in the villages and the coffee farms traveling with such a great team!