Elopement & Intimate Wedding Experiences & Packages

I’m guessing you’re someone who isn’t looking for a traditional wedding experience. You might be looking for an adventure that centers on you as a couple, rather than everyone else. You’re not afraid of breaking traditions and creating new ones because the experience you’re looking for isn’t for everyone, but it’s EXACTLY for you.

I see the beauty in these moments that are set aside for you to choose how to get married. I see how thankful each couple is that they decided to get married this way. I see the way they get to care for each other in their moments when they say their vows.

It’s experienced focused. You’re out in nature experiencing such an emotionally intimate moment with no one else around except the trees, the mountains, the wildflowers, or the desert to witness. This moment is a chance for you to celebrate your love on YOUR terms.

I feel the same way too! But why would I want a full day of coverage for my Elopement?

Not a lot of people will understand why you’re going to choose an elopement over a traditional wedding. So why not make it a full-day experience? You might be wondering what the heck we’d do all day, which is a valid question. In my experience, a full day elopement goes A LOT faster than you think! Let me paint you a small picture:

It’s your elopement day, and you couldn’t be more excited. We’ve made a playlist specifically with all the most romantic songs that touch home. As you’re getting ready, you’re thinking that you get to finally, finally marry your person. Continued below...

Or you could want to get ready together, because who says you have to get ready alone in your Airbnb room? You get to take care of each other in these moments. And then we’ll move into the first look. This is the moment where they get to finally see you. As they turn around, you’re met with the biggest grin and tears streaming down their face because they know that this is the moment they’ve been waiting for—all of their life. That was just the first 2-3 hours. The remaining hours can be spent driving to the location. Then another hour or two hiking & exploring. Next is finding the location you’ll be saying your vows. And then finally lots of celebrating! It’s not just a one and done thing. It takes time driving, it takes time hiking, and it takes time to feel comfortable and celebrated. Time is trust. And it’s REALLY, REALLY okay to not feel pressure to go to the next thing—like a traditional wedding would feel like.

There’s so much time to just BE with each other that all of the rest of the stress falls away in the wind.

So yes, take advantage of the ENTIRE day experience. There are so many opportunities, adventures, and really BEING in the moment when you have this package. If you’re interested, I’d love to jump on a phone call with you to dream of what that looks like for you!

What if we want some of our intimate friends and family? Is it still considered an Elopement?

YES! I love the fact that you want to invite your closest friends and family. I also love and support couples who don’t want anyone else but each other to celebrate this time with. 

But if you’re someone who DOES want a few of your people there, then yes, this experience is still for you. I only take on couples who have 30 or less at their elopement, because I genuinely believe in the experience to be as intimate as possible. 

Weddings are beautiful, but I’ve seen first hand how it takes a toll on the couple 99% of the time. There’s usually obligations and sacrifices you’ve probably had to make for someone else for your wedding. Which is why I’m so passionate about Elopements.

I truly believe in the power of elopements and getting to choose how YOU celebrate your day on YOUR terms. 

AND if you do decide to have this experience be the two of you, then the best part about is that you can still plan a huge reception for your friends and family too. This experience is UTTERLY for you and your person. You don’t have to sacrifice anything in your elopement because you can still have everything you want for your day. 

So here’s what I’m offering you:

Elopement & Intimate Elopement Packages

Two-Day Overnight Elopement Experience

This package covers two days to roam around, celebrate, and ultimately be exactly what you have dreamed this experience could be. If you’ve always dreamed of hiking for two days, or have always wanted a glamping adventure, this could be the perfect package for you!

Starting at $3,500

All-Day Elopement Plus Experience

The plus package covers 10-hours to completely dream, wander, explore, and celebrate the way YOU are meant to be celebrated. This experience could look like exploring a national park, and then celebrating with your closest family and friends after your elopement ceremony.

Starting at $3,000

All-Day Elopement Package

This package covers a full day to roam around, celebrate, and ultimately be exactly what you have dreamed this experience could be. If you’ve always dreamed of eloping on the cliffside of Yosemite—nothing is too small for your experience.

Starting at: $2,000

Partial-Day Elopement Package

This is a great option for couples who enjoys an outdoor adventure (maybe a 2-hour hike) but doesn’t want the whole day to be wrapped up in it. Maybe you’re a couple who wants more of a wedding timeline, but also loves to adventure! This is for you!

Starting at: $2,200

Half-Day Elopement Package

This is for the couple who dreams of adventure, a grand celebration under the stars, and who want an experience just for them. I’ll help give you personalized locations that centers around you as a couple, create a timeline, help coordinate & more.

Starting at $1,800