Why You Should Consider an 8-Hour Adventure Elopement

“Why would I want full day coverage for my elopement?”

This is probably my number one question I get asked. So why on earth would you want an eight hour elopement? Let me paint a picture for you. 

It’s Finally Here

It’s your elopement day, and you couldn’t be more excited. We’ve made a playlist specifically with all the most romantic songs that touch home. As you’re getting ready, you’re thinking that you get to finally, finally marry your person. 

Or you could want to get ready together, because who says you have to get ready alone in your Airbnb room? You get to take care of each other in these moments. And then we’ll move into the first look.

This is the moment where they get to finally see you. As they turn around, you’re met with the biggest grin and tears streaming down their face. They knew all along that this was the moment they’ve been waiting for. You sway in their arms and cherish this moment. It’s just the start but already you’re feeling everything in the best way.

We Start The Drive

It’s time to start the drive towards the ceremony location and hike. We put on your favorite playlist that is made just for this specific time, and we start the drive to the particular spot you decided on.

We get to the parking lot and start putting on our hiking boots or Free People booties. And we start the hike. You hold hands with your person and can’t help looking at each other and grinning like school kids. It’s like falling in love all over again. 

We take our time on the hike and truly explore the ground beneath our feet leading us up on our way to the top of a grand mountain for sunrise or sunset. We stop a moment to catch our breath and to let the breeze brush over us while we drink some water and eat a snack. And we continue on our journey towards the spot where you’ll be married!

This is the Moment

All of those hours of waiting and dreaming have come to this. Your heart stops. This is the moment you see the spot where you’ve been pouring over in your head. This is the spot where you’re going to say your vows. The right song comes on at just the right time. But you want to enjoy the moment for a little bit longer and be held by him. 

You look up at him and lock eyes. Tears start streaming down your face because this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. And you pull out your vows. Or your officiant and dearest friend starts to speak about what life looked like before they met YOU. And how you changed their life—forever. And then you read your vows to him, and it’s the most “you” thing that you’ve done in all of your life. This moment has changed you. Your person has changed you for the better. 

And then you hear him read his vows and can’t help but cry because you feel the same way. A deep understanding—a deep love that will last the rest of your life. Your person. It’s time to exchange the rings, and he places the band on your left hand. Then you move to put on his band. You lean in for the kiss because finally get to kiss as husband and wife. You’re married! 

It’s time to Celebrate

And we sign the official marriage license (or you previously had those signed). Let the CELEBRATION begin—and we pop the champagne! Then we pull out the donuts that act as the cake. You act as if you’re going to feed him the donut but then smash it in his face instead. He starts to chase you around until he catches you, and plants kiss all over your face. 

Then the right song comes on, and you move to your first dance. You just want to be held by him. And you gaze at each other in disbelief that you’re finally married to each other. As the sun starts to light up the sky, we take some fun bridal and groom portraits. As well as some enjoyable ones with you guys as a married couple. We start to walk down to our parked car. It might start to get cold so your HUSBAND (or wife) wraps his jacket around you to keep you warm, and you intertwine your hand with his. 

You start to get hungry, so we make sure to grab a bite to eat at In-N-Out (and get some of those rad In-N-Out photos) or at your favorite food place. But the night is still young because you still get to celebrate this moment with some of your dearest friends and family back at the Airbnb. And you can’t wait to hug your grandma and dance the night away with your best friends.

This is what a full day could look like. This is what your day could look like, and it’s one of the many timelines that could be an option for you. The time is truly yours to create on YOUR terms. 

Here are a few other timelines of what an 8-hour day could look like for you:

Catherine and Justin Sunrise Yosemite Elopement

4:00am – Meet at Oakhurst Airbnb to pick Catherine and Joe up 
5:30am – Arrive at Glacier Point & Change into wedding gear for first look
5:45am – First Look
6am – Sunrise Ceremony at Glacier Point 
6:30am – Champagne pop and Sunrise breakfast picnic 
7am – Intimate Couples Romantics at Glacier Point
7:30am – Hike to Taft Point 
8am – Couples Romantics at Taft Point
9:30am – Drive to Yosemite Valley for First Dance 
10am – First Dance in the Valley
10:30am – Explore the Valley & the Waterfalls 
12pm – Start the drive to Catherine and Joe’s Glamp site in Yosemite

Abby and Noah Arches National Park Sunset Elopement

1pm – Arrive at Under the Canvas for Getting Ready Shots
2:30pm – Drive to Delicate Arch parking lot & start hike
4:30pm – Change out of hiking gear into Bridal attire 
5pm – First Look
5:30pm – Ceremony (guests are asked to eat beforehand)
6pm – Family Pictures
6:30pm – Couples Romantics
7pm – Hike back to car
9pm – Arrive at Under the Canvas Reception (where they were served gluten free pie and drinks)
9pm – First Dance & celebration
11pm – Endtime

Julia & Liam’s Big Sur Overnight Camping Elopement

3pm – Arrive at campsite
3:30pm – Go on 3 mile hike with Julia & Liam (and friends) to waterfall
6pm – Campfire dinner & Smores
7pm – End time

Next Day:

1pm – Getting ready photos
3pm – First look in Julia Pfeiffer
3:30pm – Ceremony
4pm – Family Photos
4:30pm – Hike around Julia Pfieffer for Couples Romantics
5:30pm – Couples Romantics at Garrapata beach
6pm – Go back to campsite for grand entrance
7pm – Celebratory campfire dinner with smores
8pm – First dance & campfire jam session
9pm – End time

Want even more Elopement tips?

I’ve created the ULTIMATE Elopement Checklist just for you. It has all the information you could possibly need to plan your elopement and the check list to check off your needs as they get booked. For full access, access it here: